Conference Online
Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Conference Online’s marketing division has been designing marketing material for newspaper, magazine and television for many years and can provide social marketing or email marketing options.

One of our package examples:

  • Create up to 3 social media profiles and/or blogs
  • Create a content calendar
  • Post 3 curated posts per platform (up to 3) per week
  • Post 2 specifically created content articles shared across platforms per week
  • Create and send 1 x e-news per month
  • Provide a contact database collected over the contract period
  • Write and send 1 release to:
    • up to 5 media outlets per month
    • up to 5 event/gig guide listing agents
  • Write and pitch 1 specifically created article to up to 5 publications physical or online
  • Attend 1 networking or industry specific event per month
  • Provide a monthly activity report

Print Distribution is also provided.