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Obligation Free

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Event Apps

Information in the hands of your attendees

No more handbooks. Our native app places two-way communication directly in the hands of every attendee. Provide up-to-date event information with flexible page content and structures, instant push notifications, documents and pop-up messages. Gather feedback with submission forms and ratings, and ensure consistent branding through customisable design with extensive scope for sponsorship.

Your content, your way

As much content as you need with a huge array of page templates, advanced formatting options and page extensions.

  • Recreate or replace the content of your conference handbook with no limits on content volume
  • Include all your event information, such as speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, FAQ, floor maps, venue and destination information
  • Editors and importers made for speed and ease
  • Add documents and links to external content
  • Advanced formatting and navigation options for truly customised pages
  • Page extensions including pop-ups, redirects and password and security options
  • Always Live with Instant Updates
  • Live insights and usage reports

Attendee Connect

Engaging networking and gamification

Let the games begin

An in-app reward system to supercharge engagement through attendee challenges and prizes. Displays leaderboard on devices or a big screen.

  • Incentivises engagement through gamification
  • Reward attendees with points and achievements using system actions
  • Live attendee leaderboard, displayed in the app or on the big screen
  • Introduce competitions and challenges through leaderboards to encourage engagement
  • Instant setup - make it as simple or complex as you like

Interactive Sessions

Open the discussion

The ultimate in audience participation. Allow attendees to engage with sessions through live polling, discussions and Q&A from their own device. Use the facilitator app to moderate submissions, create polls ‘on the fly’ and manage what the audience can see and do. Present on a dynamic big screen display and integrate with attendee profiles to generate demographically rich data.

Involve the audience

Allow attendees to drive the conversation through Ask a Question, live Polling or chat room style Discussion from their own devices.

  • Enable discussion and attendee response at any stage prior to, during or after sessions
  • Run multiple interactive sessions concurrently
  • Live Polling including yes no, star rating and multiple choice
  • View results live and display full results post-session
  • Integrated with the event app - no clunky URLs, no external websites or SMS
  • Easy-to-use interface to encourage involvemen

Lead Capture

Generate leads using your own device

Use exhibitor devices

Capture app for Apple and Android devices; replacing hired scanners. Unlimited users per exhibitor, no internet connection required to scan.

  • Easy-to-use app that turns exhibitor devices into lead scanners
  • Cost effective with no need for hired equipment
  • Works offline and syncs when available
  • Allows exhibitors to maximise ROI through the generation of meaningful leads and interactions
  • Builds on commercial proposition for return exhibitors

Attendance Tracking

Track, monitor, report and manage

Real-time attendance management and insights. Scan from your own device, create self scanning stations or allow attendees to self check-in. Enable immediate records of attendance for everything from safety, catering or CPD, sponsored and mandatory sessions. Generate, analyse and respond to statistics at any time.

Track a person at a place at a time

Track, record and report on attendance information for sessions, events and head counts. Control who can attend via smart profile filters.

  • Allows staff to scan badges via the Track App
  • Optional attendee self check-in via event app
  • Create rules of attendee entry for controlled sessions
  • Use staff devices
  • The easy-to-use Track app turns staff devices into a badge scanner
  • Cost effective with no need for hired equipment
  • Works offline and syncs when connection becomes available

Kiosk Manager

Welcoming technology

Multiple ways to generate badges

Prints badges on demand at check-in allowing for reprints and corrections. Configure the system to accommodate a range of check in options.

  • Scan QR code on in-app badge, SMS or emailed ticket
  • Enable attendees to print badge directly from the app for collection at a kiosk
  • Staff can manage profiles and print badges using the Kiosk Companion app
  • Use the kiosk touchscreen to enter a unique attendee code to print badge
  • Integrates registration forms for on site sign-ups and immediate badge generation